Taking your baby swimming can be a lot of fun for both of you, however it can be nerve-wracking for the first time so take it at your own pace and here are a few things to help you prepare.


Start giving your baby baths as soon as possible to get them used to being in the water. While they are in the bath take some water in your hand and sprinkle over them to help introduce the water going over their head. Most people wait until your baby has had their first set of injections before taking them swimming, and wait until you feel comfortable and you think your baby will be ready.

What to pack when taking your baby swimming;


Take a few pairs of swim nappies, as well as your normal nappies ready for after you have finished swimming

Swimwear for your baby

When you are in a public pool it’s normally a requirement for your baby to wear a swim nappy, you then can place the swimming costume over the swimming nappy. Its best to double check the requirements at the pool, as some suggest a double nappy so that you have your swim nappy as well as a nappy within the swimming costume.

Baby swim wetsuits are also very good especially if your baby is quite young, this helps keep them warm in the water.

Baby swimming accessories

When you feel your baby is ready, you might like to take along a baby swimming aid or inflatable. These can include armbands, flotation vests to inflatable seats there is a wide range available. Why not pack their favourite bath toy too, to help make them feel comfortable and have some fun in the pool.

Change of Clothes

Have something snug for the your baby to go into after the swim, and a hat is also a good idea to have to put on straight afterwards.

Baby Towels

Take a few towels with you, it’s a good idea to take one down to the poolside to wrap around the baby straight afterwards, hooded towels are great for this to help keep your baby cosy.


Your baby is likely to be hungry straight after their swim, so be ready to feed them whether that is by finding a quiet spot to breastfeed or to give them their bottle as soon as you have them dry and changed. If you baby is on solids have a drink and a snack ready like a banana or rice cake.

Don’t forget your coin for the lockers, and to have fun!