We run through the golden rules that will help you holiday with babies and small children and help you enjoy your holiday!

1. Plan your journey

Your babies sleep patterns will be disrupted before you have even started the holiday, by just traveling to your destination. So where possible travel during the night, if you aren’t able to do this then set off early in the morning. If your child has slept a lot during the day, let them stay up later when you arrive on the first night let them get used to their surroundings and then put them to bed so they will be less like to struggle to settle then.

2. Relax your on holiday!

Don’t fret about your child going to bed later or earlier then their normal routine, just make sure that they have the opportunity to sleep and they get enough to help them through the day. If you have activities planned, look at having free days in between to allow them to catch up on their sleep. So don’t panic, things will be different on holiday and you can get back to your normal routine when you return home.

3. Help them settle and feel safe

You may not be able to keep with the same bedtime rituals as at home, but it’s the sequence of the routine that is important here. Work towards settling them down for the evening, the timings may not be the same but tone of voice, maybe pack their favourite book to read and dimming the lights ready will all help to get them settled and feeling safe ready for bed.

4. Day to Night

Your baby may struggle to get off to sleep in the evening if they are used to their room being dark, likewise they also may walk up earlier. The change in light levels can have an affect and make it more difficult to get your baby to sleep, so it could be worth investing in a black out blind that is portable and you can take with you to help.

5. Keep cool

It can be difficult for your baby to keep cool, the ideal room temperature is 18 degrees centigrade. Keep the curtains closed during the day to help keep the room cool, and make sure the cot is in the right position and not in direct daylight. Keep a window open if it is safe to, and make sure they have the right level of clothing on for the temperature. See the guide below:

How will my holiday affect my child's sleep patterns?