Some parents may be dead set against them, some soon change their mind when they are faced with a crying baby, others appreciate that they are something that helps soothe their babies when they need it.

There is alot of discussion around whether you should let your child have a dummy, could it interfere with your child’s speech, affect their teeth or encourage bad hygiene? You will know what works for your baby to help sooth them, here we would just sharing a few tips to help prevent any of the problems and advice on how to wean them off them

Advice for use of a Dummy

  • Use orthodontic approved dummies to help with preventing teeth problems
  • Check them regularly for cracks and holes anything that could trap germs, and replace when needed
  • Never dip the dummy in sweet foods as this will lead to tooth decay
  • Try to limit the use of dummy to when the baby needs comfort, such as when teething, settling down to sleep or just unwell.
  • Wean your child off their dummy before or just after their first birthday, again you will know what stage your child is at and whether they still need this as a soother
  • Try not to let it become a habit

How to wean your child off a dummy

Start to decrease the times your child has their dummy, restrict this to key times such as at night time, when they are ill or having problems with teething.

If you child is older when you are doing this, start to inform them that babies only use dummies that they don’t need this. Reward them for not needing the dummy and going without it for periods of time.

You can also get creative we suggest putting all of the dummies into a bag that goes to the fairies one evening and they get left a little present for sending them off, or if you have a friend that has a baby then tell your child that that baby needs them now and you will pass them on them to use.