Painting Easter Eggs is fun and easy to do, you can get decorating kits but you can also just make use of what you have in your cupboards!

What You’ll Need:

  • White eggs

  • A Saucepan

  • Food Coloring

  • Cups

  • Tongs¬†

  • Vinegar

  • Tape or rubber bands

  • Empty egg carton

  • Newspapers

Let’s get cracking

Prep your eggs (the adult bit):

  • Fill a saucepan with water and place on the hob then add your eggs.

  • Bringing the water to a boil, ¬†reduce the heat and let the eggs simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and add cold water to stop the eggs from cooking

The fun bit for Kids:

  • Making sure your wearing old clothes or an apron, and use plastic sheets or newspaper to cover the area where you will be painting.

  • Fill each cup halfway with hot water, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar and one teaspoon of food coloring, one for each color you want to use.

  • Then get designing and dipping, simply place the egg in the color you want, leave it for 5 minutes and when you lift it out with your tongs you will have a perfectly dyed egg!

  • There are also lots of ways to create different patterns on your eggs, before you dip them in the cup why not try some of these or make up your own!

  • Create a stripey design on your egg by simply placing rubber bands or tape around your egg before you dip it, when you take it back out of the dye you will have stripes where the bands were.

  • If you have any stickers you can use, stick these onto the egg before you dip and the sticker will stand out!

  • Once you have finished dipping your eggs, place them gently into the empty egg carton to dry, you can then always add more decoration once they are dry.

  • Perfect eggs for your easter egg hunt, or if you like have them for your tea!